Nha Trang Beach

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Nha Trang is a coastal city and a center of politics, economy, culture and tourism of Khanh Hoa province. It is also known as a city of festivals: Festival of the Sea, Miss Universe 2008, and Miss World 2010 have been organized in this nice city. The beautiful beaches have turned this place into a scenic collection as a good deal of tourists to this place.

View towards Southeast Nha Trang with a cluster of adjacent islands, the largest is Hon Tre that covers approximately 25km2. This one is the largest island located in the bay of Nha Trang city, 5km to the east and 3.5 km away from Cau Da port. From here, we can look straight out of a number of small islands. These islands with the advantages: closed sea, clean & quiet beaches, which offer a special beauty for Nha Trang. When visiting, tourists  are even more surprised with the longest cable car in the South East Asia crossing through Hon Tre island linked Vinpearl Tourism center at Cau Da port.

At the sea, Hon Mieu Island is closest to the shore of the islands in Nha Trang, just twenty minutes by boat. The island has two tourist attractions: Tri Nguyen aquarium and Bai Soi beach. Tri Nguyen Aquarium is a collection of marine fish and marine plants, marine organisms in open models. Tri Nguyen aquarium located at a few hundred meters across the island.

Called “Pebble Beach”, because the beach here has no sand but only the pebble, round handle, smooth, thin in the blue sea that we could see in the bottom. “Pebble Beach” also preserve the pristine look, facing the sea, and behind there is the giant forest with old big woods and brushwood. Have you ever known Cham towers in Quang Nam, Ninh Thuan, Nha Trang is equally famous by its relic of the Cham towers that still exist here. The system of towers has existed for over a century, this work consists of four towers had been destroyed by the war and has been rebuilt several times.

At Nha Trang, you could visit Monkey Island with a few thousand monkeys. The sea here is also beautiful. The diving offers a special occasion to visit the Water Palace: clusters of flower carpet agitated in the bottom, shoals of colorful fish swim in the coral patches, blooming as the ocean rose. For the tourists who are addicted to the adventure, they could climb the cliff to try or explore the caves deep under water…/.





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