Halong bay

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2 days / 1 night

From immemorial time, Ha Long Bay was considered as a wonders of land high up in the sky by Vietnamese culture celebrity Nguyen Trai from 14th century. Comes to Ha Long Bay, we must firstly talk to the fairy beauty of water non clouds here.

Looking down from above, Ha Long Bay looks like a giant live picture with thousands of islands. Under the skillful hands of the natural creation, inanimate and silence rocks become vivid characters, familiar to people. Double Island look like chicken together intermittent playing on the waves (male & female chicken islands); others look like as sleeping giant turtles (Turtle island) or as an old monk are folded hands facing the sea in chanting concept Buddha (Monk Island). The other island like a giant incense stands between the sea as to sacrifice the heavens and the earth (Dinh Huong Island) and many, many other islands have the familiar shape that we have not yet discovered all the magic secrets

In Halong, all the four seasons have a blue loving sea. In spring, in silver covered mist, the rocks become soft, flexible, floating on the waves.

In summer, in the sun light on the horizon, the islands rise from the vast water. Over the Bay, the red color shift to blue. The orchids and plants reaching out from between rocks are brilliant flowering.

To visit Ha Long Bay, the most interesting is sitting on a sailboat, weaving between forests islands stitched together like endless walls. Old scene closes the new scene opens. This winding road seems to never end.

The beauty of Ha Long Bay is not only exposed in the form of mountains, colorful water & clouds, but also hidden in the heart of the islands, with an extensive system cave extremely concentrated in the center of the estate. Thien Cung magnificent cave, Dau Go energetic cave, Sung Sot hidden deep cave…And countless other caves associated with folk legends such as Virgin cave, Dong Tien Lake … Each cave is a palace and magnificent architecture extremely sophisticate of creation.

Ha Long Bay offers a unique beauty when the sun sets. At this moment all the bay is dyed by bright red color of the last rays of sunshine. Scene is adhered to weave in the wonderful colors. When the night falls, the moon, the water covered in silver mingled with the dark color of the remote islands blur makes magical Ha Long Bay to become as real as a dream.
In Ha Long Bay, seemingly every islands, caves and beaches are associated with the legendary story about love, about life in general, and the fight to protect the country … making visitors living as in the legend.

On 17-12-1994, the 18th session of the Council of World Heritage of UNESCO held in Thailand, Ha Long Bay was officially recognized as a World Natural Heritage Site, confirmed the value that global nature of the bay.





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