Dong Van rocky plateau

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2 days / 1 night

Dong Van karts rocky plateau, where is known as the high plateau and the most spectacular of Vietnam. Wild borderland region with pure dew in the morning drops untouched place in the far north of the country.

Dong Van Plateau located in Ha Giang province of Vietnam, with jagged Rocky Mountains and the risky roads. One side of the mountain the other of the chasm. Far away the white clouds are drifting around the mountains. The small road to Dong Van is narrow, winding, but clean and quiet. The city ‘people accustomed to the urban rhythm and to the sound on the keyboard, now open the soul, and receive the immensity bearing of heaven and earth, the strength of the rock.

Along the road to the karts rocky plateau, you occasionally will see the faces of innocent children from ethnic, or silhouette of young women with baby on the back, working in the maize fields in the flank of rocky mountains… That’s what makes the charm of the northern uplands of Vietnam.

For many people, the contemplation of the small houses located lurking behind the green trees, outside the high stone fences are popular on the pictures, or television, especially the scene of wealthy houses located in the mountain in the South of Korea, so along the Dong Van Plateau, this will be “firsthand” ! It is the old house roof, small, pretty, four surfaces shielded by a stone fence. The villages with interlocked the houses make this stone fence became the forming of the zigzag path.

Even when you come to the town of Meo Vac, watching the houses in Chinese architecture, you will find they are solidly situated along the rocks.





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