Dalat spring city

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2 days / 1 night

A city located 1,500 meters above sea level, in the hot tropical region of Southeast Asia, but the weather in Dalat is fresh all the year. Hills, streams, lakes, waterfalls mixed together create charming painted marine scenes.

Natural green color during four seasons and all species of herbs, blended harmony with countless brilliant flowers having sweet fragrant aroma… Those make Dalat becoming “a permanent spring city of Vietnam”.

So the natural beauty of Dalat is really special: peaceful, soothing, imposing and fairy. In other words, this city has an honorable and holy beauty.

First of all, every landscape has a unique charm, which was beautiful but the human minds and hands impact it’s more beautiful. As well as waterfalls, but Prenn is different in comparison with others such as Datanla and Cam Ly. Standing before Prenn waterfall, people feel refreshed, excited and full of poetic creation.

Thus, each waterfall here has a different beauty and created associations soaring, dreamy, connected to the vast time and space associated with images both real and fanciful as the fairy story.

Another feature of the natural beauty of Dalat is the different manifestation through the seasons. Rainy season is the season of the sun allocated charming, bright green foliage. The rain, the sun during the day is really special, when it suddenly rains and then suddenly stops, the sun blazing fence hundred flowers blooming. At Christmas, in the early morning, the mist hung over the hills hidden by villas … And when the sun comes, the city is appearing with many different colors in the honey lights.

Dalat nature is beautiful. As all the beauty of nature in general, the natural beauty of Dalat brings pure human emotions, stimulate the friendliest impartial human. And, one thing is quite interesting, than anywhere, the natural beauty of Dalat is surrounded people in each step. This reminds the responsibility of all of us for hills and trees, waterfalls, grass, flowers, etc. on this highland city.





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