You can choose the type of bike that suits you the best for your comfort and driving control, but also suitable for the road conditions. Depending on your preference, you can choose: Honda Baja 250cc, Honda XR 250cc Honda SL 230CC, Honda Degree 250cc Honda CBF 150cc, Honda Fortuna 125cc, Honda XL125cc, Honda Future 125cc, Honda Wave 110cc, Honda Dream 100cc, Honda Win 100cc, Yamaha Raid 250cc, Yamaha CBR 125cc. If you’re a fan of older bikes, we are ready to respond to your request some types of bikes such as Vespa, Honda 50, Honda 70cc or 125cc Minsk.

The motorbike is a reliable friend during your trip and to win every challenge. Here’s your chance to challenge yourself!

Guide: Our guide team consists of experienced guides who speak English, French, Spanish, Italian, German, with a burning passion: the conquest of the mysterious lands of Vietnam, Indochina and Asia, they are true adventurers on motorbike. We dare not pretend that they are the best, but we assure you that when you go with them, you’ll have no reason to worry. For them, there is always a solution to all problems.