In Vietnam, the currency is Vietnamese Dong (VND) and the rate is different each year depending to the economic situation of the country. In the big city, you can use USD or Euros but in the provinces and countryside, VND is required for buying everything.  In most tourist companies, hotels and restaurants, you can pay by credit card, eg Visa, Master Card or American Express … with 3-4 % commission added on the invoice.

Before going on tour, you can easily exchange money at the bank or exchange offices from USD, AUD, EUR… to VND for your personal expenses. ATM’s are available in most big cities but withdrawals are sometimes limited to only small amounts.


We provide helmets, protective clothing, bags, elastic… However, if you have them, bring your owns to the right size. Do not forget to bring your motorcycle boots (leather or sport shoes) and gloves to ensure safety throughout the trip.

Traffic law

In Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia, we drive on the right side of road and pass the transport ahead on the left side. The maximum speed in town for motorcycle is 40 km / h and on the highway of 80 km / h. However, each region may have other additional rules. Helmets are mandatory for motorbike riders in Vietnam. In fact, the guide will give you other valuable tips before the departure of the trip. Be certain that after having made a tour with us, you will be a master of the conduct of the motorbike for any tours in over the world.

Our Objective

Satisfy over customer’ expectation is our ultimate goal. Choose to travel with us, and you can judge the value and quality of products and services of our agency.