You can choose the type of bike that suits you the best for your comfort and driving control, but also suitable for the road conditions. Depending on your preference, you can choose: Honda Baja 250cc, Honda XR 250cc Honda SL 230CC, Honda Degree 250cc Honda CBF 150cc,….


In Vietnam, the currency is Vietnamese Dong (VND) and the rate is different each year depending to the economic situation of the country. In the big city, you can use USD or Euros but in the provinces and countryside, VND is required for buying everything. In most tourist companies, hotels and restaurants, you can pay by credit card, eg Visa, Master Card or American Express … with 3-4 % commission added on the invoice.


You can bring what you think best for the program and destinations of your trip. Small souvenirs, special products from your country are suggested…


Vietnamese people are very hospitable, helpful, cordial and generous. You can easily make friends with the people you meet if you respect them correctly and prove you are an honest person. Older people are very respected and they are the first people that you say “hello” to when you visit the local people…